I eat my minestrone soup by color… and other random facts.

I finally put up a blog, and I spent a lot of time trying to get it looking right (yet I’m still not entirely happy with it), and then I couldn’t decide what to write.  I have much to say, but where do I start?

The hubby said I should just start at the beginning.  But what beginning would that be?  I asked for clarification and he said I should write about when we met.  Apparently he was referring to “our” beginning.  This blog isn’t just about “us”, though.  Not entirely.  So I thought maybe it would be better to start with some oddities about myself.

So, here goes…

I eat my minestrone soup by color…  green, then orange, followed by all the broth, then white and finally brown.

I don’t touch people, with the exception of my immediate family.

Social expectations, especially physical ones (like high fives, handshakes, and fist bumps), really weird me out.

I understand computer code like it’s my native language, but I get utterly confused and frustrated when faced with social situations that require certain behaviors or phrases be expressed.  Like the phrase “I’m so sorry for your loss” upon the death of a loved one.  Or “I’ll keep you in my thoughts/prayers” when a friend is facing hard times.

I trust practically nobody.

I question almost everything.

As geeky & awkward as the above admissions must make me appear, I’m actually reasonably social and seemingly normal when you meet me in person.

I’m girly, but not excessively so.  I like pink, flowers, and butterflies, but I don’t wear makeup or care too much about the clothes I wear.

I love fitness in that I love being thin and healthy, I love being able to work exercise into my everyday life, and I love feeling strong, powerful, unstoppable even.  I love the *high* I experience when I’ve pushed myself particularly hard during a workout.  However, when time is short and stress is high, diet and exercise will be the first thing cut from my calendar.

I’m NOT a morning person, I prefer to stay up late at night.  Then I regret it when the alarm goes off in the morning.  I know this is the case, yet I still stay up at night when I should be in bed.  Doing things like…  blogging.  😉

I really want to shoot a gun.  Maybe even own one someday…

A pink gun would be fabulous.

Do those even exist?

My birthday is in October.


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