The Quest for Social Security Cards

It was just about a year ago… there I sat, in my car outside the social security office at 8:30 in the morning, with my children’s birth certificates in hand.  I was determined to be one of the first people in the door, get my kids social security cards ordered and get on with my day.

When it came time to get their drivers permits, I never imagined it would be quite this difficult.  In fact, almost a year later we still have not managed to obtain these elusive pieces of paper.

I’ll explain…

I have a file where I keep all of our birth certificates, social security cards, you know, all those vitally important documents that you never want to lose.  But when I went digging through that folder to pull out the two social security cards I needed, I found that one of them was missing.  I have no idea how that one card managed to get separated from the others, but the rest were there…  it was just the one that was missing.

Also, I noticed that the last name was wrong on the other one.  I had my oldest child when I was still a teenager myself, I hadn’t met my husband yet.  I got married when my daughter was a year old, and seven years later my husband adopted her.  At which point we changed her last name…  and I forgot to get her name changed on her social security card.  Meaning we would have to get that done now because the DMV won’t accept a social security card with a different name on it.

No problem, though!  I’m going there anyway, so I’ll get them both ordered at once and we’ll be all set, right?

The social security office opened, I was third in line, I grabbed the application form and filled them out while I waited so that I would be ready when they called me…  thinking “look at me being all organized!”

They called my number, I approached the counter, and I told the lady what I needed done.  I handed over the applications and my driver’s license for ID.  At this point she asked me what I had brought with me as proof of identification for the children.

I proudly handed her the birth certificates.

At which point I was given the most baffling piece of information ever…

The social security office does NOT accept a birth certificate as proof of identity for a child!!!

I honestly stood there stunned for a few moments.  I was speechless.  Before a child is old enough to get their driver’s license, what other sort of identification do they have??  I finally came to my senses and asked her what exactly do they accept??

Immunization records…

Last I checked the doctors offices do not require any sort of proof of identification when you bring your child in for shots.  Were I to pay cash for medical costs, or go to the health department if I had no insurance and couldn’t afford to pay for a regular doctor…  they would look at my ID and take my word for it.  Right?  OR, the health department might ask for a…  um…  birth certificate.

Another option for the social security office… they will accept… A passport.

Guess what you need to show in order to get a passport for your child??

Yep!  That’s right!!!  A BIRTH CERTIFICATE!!!!!

Can someone please explain to me how it makes ANY SENSE that the social security office will accept immunization records or a passport as identification but NOT a birth certificate, an official, government issued and stamped document??

Continued –>

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3 thoughts on “The Quest for Social Security Cards

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  2. I’m not entirely sure. Certainly doesn’t make any sense. I have heard rumblings, however, of the passport eventually becoming the standard form of ID here in the States.

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