Your Power is in Your Vote

We are being manipulated.  We have lost control of our country; our voices aren’t truly being heard.  We think we’re making a difference when we vote.  But are we?

Most of us sit back and allow this to happen.  Many of us aren’t aware of the extent to which we have lost control.

But we are being manipulated.  We are being manipulated in ways that seem obvious when you really take a good hard look at our political system.  However, we are being manipulated in ways that are subtle enough that for the vast majority of Americans it’s easy to shrug your shoulders and say… “Eh, it is what it is”.

We are inundated with news coverage of only certain candidates, and we are vaguely aware that the process is controlled by those who have the most money.  However, we are mostly unaware that even the debates that we view on TV are controlled by the two parties that we hear so much about…

It’s the Democrats vs. the Republicans, right?

How many times have you heard comments like “Hold your nose and vote” or “Just vote for the lesser of two evils?”

My question is, why only “two” evils?  And why don’t we believe we have any options that are better?

It has been my experience, and the research I have done so far backs it up, that most of us are not fully satisfied with the republicans OR the democrats.  We don’t seem to believe that either of them is the answer, and we want a new option.  I even read an opinion piece on CNN the other day that stated:

This year, we’re already saddled with two candidates for president that leave you with the feeling that we should ask for more applications.

Here’s the thing though…  there ARE more applicants!!

When you show up to vote this year, you will not see only Romney and Obama.  There will be more options under “President”.

But if that’s true, why don’t we know who these other options are?  Why do we hear nothing of them?  Why aren’t they covered in the media?  Why aren’t they included in the debates?

Someone once told me that a vote for a third party candidate is a wasted vote.  A wasted vote?  I understand the logic… the third party candidates are not taken seriously enough, there is no way they will win, so we should cast our vote for the “lesser of the two evils who actually have a shot at winning the election.

Here’s what I think:

A vote for the wrong candidate is the only wasted vote.  A vote for the candidate you actually want to win is never wasted.

We have the ability to take a stand.  We have the ability to say “This is what we want for our country.”  But the way we do that is by voting for the candidate we actually want in office.  It’s the whole basis of how our system is supposed to work!!  And the more people say “I want to hear from the other parties”, the more legitimate they will become.

An uneducated vote is a wasted vote.  Go educate yourself as to what options you truly have. < —  That site makes it super easy to do!

Then vote for the candidate you believe is right, not the lesser of the two evils that the biased media is feeding to you.

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