Who is Ellen Cabot?

How can I define myself…

Wife.  Mother.  Computer Programmer.  Atheist.  Demopublican?  Brutally Honest.  Hard Worker.  Optimist.

I have stuff to say…  I am not a writer, but people seem to think that I am a really good blogger; apparently others relate to me well, so I  am convinced that blogging is my best outlet.


I used to blog for the website Families.com, about adoption as we were working our way through the process.  However, being required to submit a certain number of blogs per month on one specific topic was really difficult for me.  I realized that when I had nothing to say about said topic… well… then I had nothing to say.  When I started writing about things I really had no interest in writing about and pulling topics out of thin air just to make that quota, my writing suffered.  I started submitting blogs I wasn’t proud of, or even slightly satisfied with, and I decided I needed to give it up.  It was too stressful for me, and not fair to the reader.

If you’re interested, you can read those blogs by clicking the families.com image below; that link should take you directly to a list of my posts on the site. Keep in mind, thought, that the list is ordered by submission date beginning with the most recent…  which means all my worst is at the top!  Eek!!!  If you’re going to bother with it, dig a little deeper, please???

I have a friend who blogs here on wordpress, and I was trying to find an app for my phone that would allow me to follow her blog.  I need reminders, I can be forgetful.  So, I downloaded a WordPress app, and it wanted me to create a login for myself, and lo and behold ELLENCABOT.WORDPRESS.COM WAS AVAILABLE!!  What are the odds?!  So, I grabbed it while it was up for the grabbing.

Then I realized I had a blog, and I thought maybe I should do something with it.  Like tell that story people keep telling me to tell?!?

So… here it is…

At least here I can blog about whatever I want, whenever I want, so I shouldn’t run out of things to say.

“Real Life” will be a regular discussion point here.  I might talk about cats sometimes.  Light bulbs? Probably not…  one of my children gave me the name, and I like it so I think I’ll keep it.  🙂

Oh, and I will probably occasionally talk about travel, because sometimes we just like to go places!

Click to read my blogs @ families.com

*** By the way: Ellen Cabot is a pen name.  Don’t try and Google me, you’ll find a director responsible for such hits as “Beach Babes 2: Cave Girl Island” & “Test Tube Teens from the Year 2000” ***

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