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Obama, you should have known better…

I just got done watching the speech that Obama gave tonight regarding the attack in San Bernardino, CA.  And I have one thing to say to him…

Why, oh why, would you bring up gun control??

Most of the speech made sense!  Stronger screening of people coming into this country on visa’s, determining if they have been to war zones…  authorizing the continued use of force against ISIL targets…  continuing our current efforts against the threat…  the need to be “strong, smart, resilient, and relentless” in this fight…

But, gun control??

No one on a no-fly list should be able to buy a gun?  

Yes, common sense, but irrelevant!

The individuals responsible for this attack, as far as I am aware, were not on any no-fly list.  Were they on a no-fly list???  They were not suspected of being terrorists!  They were your average, under-the-radar, American Muslims who happened to be radicals!

It must be harder for people to buy semi-automatic weapons?

Without even going into my personal opinions on gun control….  THE TERRORISTS DIDN’T BUY THE WEAPONS THEMSELVES!  The news reports so far have stated that someone bought the weapons for them, in a state that has strict gun control laws, and then they modified those weapons to turn them into fully automatic weapons!  How does this statement help, if they didn’t buy the weapons??  How does this statement help if they had to means to turn “appropriate” weapons into something far more deadly??

I feel as though a lot of what he said made sense…  Unfortunately…  it will be overshadowed by these two irrelevant statements.  They comprised only a minute or so of the speech, but they will be latched onto.  Already I am seeing news articles focused on Obama’s gun control statements…

OH NO!  He’s gonna take our guns!!!!

He should have known better than to even bring that up, considering how insignificant it is to this most recent scenario.

Shame on you, Obama.

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Up Yours, Romney.

I am an American citizen.  Born and raised here.  My feet have never even touched foreign soil.

I have always believed in the American Dream.  Work hard and you will be successful.  I have also always believed that when you reach success you should turn around and give back to those behind you.

I have never accepted government help, and only rarely have I relied on charity.

Even as a single pregnant teenager I worked two jobs to pay for my medical care.  I purchased much of what I needed for my baby at garage sales, and, be it furniture or clothing, I have never rejected a hand-me-down.

I met my husband when my baby was 3 months old.  I moved in with him after two weeks, and 18 years later we are still together.

We didn’t have much when we started our lives together, and two children later we realized that something needed to change.  I came to the conclusion that working at a Walmart snack bar just wasn’t going to cut it, so I registered for classes at the local community college.

That was in 1996.  For the next 8 years we were barely scraping by, worrying each week about how we were going to put food on the table, juggling the bills, trying to decide which one had to be paid in order to avoid being disconnected vs. which ones could wait until the next paycheck.  My husband was working as much as 70 hours a week to help put me through school, and at times I was working a second part-time job in addition to my full time job and full time course load.

I remember well the days of looking out the window when a van came down the street worried that it might be the local utilities coming to shut off our water.  I remember when we would be watching a movie and the TV would suddenly shut off because the electric company was tired of waiting for us to decide to give that last little bit of money to them instead of paying our children’s school fees or buying them new shoes.

I remember well the times when going to McDonald’s was a rare treat, and one to feel guilty about later when the next bill came due or the next catastrophe struck… a broken down car or leaky pipe wasn’t just an inconvenience back then, it was a genuine tragedy.

I also remember very well the days of carting textbooks with me everywhere I went in case I found myself with an opportunity to sneak in some study time… sitting in a doctor’s waiting room… during breaks at work…  Everyone I worked with knew to leave me alone at lunch.  I didn’t have time to socialize, I had to write that paper.

I am also painfully aware, especially now, that I was a part of that 47% who Did.Not.Owe.Taxes.

In fact, there was one year during that time when we qualified for the earned income credit and the government actually paid us.

Was I proud of that?  No.  I have made some bad decisions in my life, and I have no problem admitting that.  But I was part of that 47% who owed absolutely no federal income tax for a number of years.

Am I lazy?  No.

Was I dependent on government?  No.

Did I take personal responsibility for my life?

You tell me.

Interestingly, I am not a Democrat.  Nor am I a Republican.  I am registered to vote with “No Party Affiliation”.  In the past I have identified as more Republican than Democrat, currently I lean strongly towards Libertarian, but… technically… I am a part of the group that Romney feels he should be convincing.

Yet I am so horrified by what he said, and I am so personally offended by the way he views almosts a full half of the American population, including me, I’m almost disgusted that anyone would vote for him at this point.

Romney, you missed the mark with me.  And I’m sure I’m not alone.

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Your Power is in Your Vote

We are being manipulated.  We have lost control of our country; our voices aren’t truly being heard.  We think we’re making a difference when we vote.  But are we?

Most of us sit back and allow this to happen.  Many of us aren’t aware of the extent to which we have lost control.

But we are being manipulated.  We are being manipulated in ways that seem obvious when you really take a good hard look at our political system.  However, we are being manipulated in ways that are subtle enough that for the vast majority of Americans it’s easy to shrug your shoulders and say… “Eh, it is what it is”.

We are inundated with news coverage of only certain candidates, and we are vaguely aware that the process is controlled by those who have the most money.  However, we are mostly unaware that even the debates that we view on TV are controlled by the two parties that we hear so much about…

It’s the Democrats vs. the Republicans, right?

How many times have you heard comments like “Hold your nose and vote” or “Just vote for the lesser of two evils?”

My question is, why only “two” evils?  And why don’t we believe we have any options that are better?

It has been my experience, and the research I have done so far backs it up, that most of us are not fully satisfied with the republicans OR the democrats.  We don’t seem to believe that either of them is the answer, and we want a new option.  I even read an opinion piece on CNN the other day that stated:

This year, we’re already saddled with two candidates for president that leave you with the feeling that we should ask for more applications.

Here’s the thing though…  there ARE more applicants!!

When you show up to vote this year, you will not see only Romney and Obama.  There will be more options under “President”.

But if that’s true, why don’t we know who these other options are?  Why do we hear nothing of them?  Why aren’t they covered in the media?  Why aren’t they included in the debates?

Someone once told me that a vote for a third party candidate is a wasted vote.  A wasted vote?  I understand the logic… the third party candidates are not taken seriously enough, there is no way they will win, so we should cast our vote for the “lesser of the two evils who actually have a shot at winning the election.

Here’s what I think:

A vote for the wrong candidate is the only wasted vote.  A vote for the candidate you actually want to win is never wasted.

We have the ability to take a stand.  We have the ability to say “This is what we want for our country.”  But the way we do that is by voting for the candidate we actually want in office.  It’s the whole basis of how our system is supposed to work!!  And the more people say “I want to hear from the other parties”, the more legitimate they will become.

An uneducated vote is a wasted vote.  Go educate yourself as to what options you truly have. < —  That site makes it super easy to do!

Then vote for the candidate you believe is right, not the lesser of the two evils that the biased media is feeding to you.

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Let’s Discuss Politics!! But first…

I know this is going to be hard to believe, but I actually had a really interesting and enjoyable conversation about politics last night.  What makes this even more shocking is that the conversation was with someone who has drastically different views than I do.  We actually disagreed, but managed to do so in a rational and respectful manner.

I bet you didn’t even know that was possible…  Typically the second politics comes up in a conversation everyone involved gets defensive and the discussion quickly deteriorates into an argument.  An argument in which both sides refuse to even listen to or consider the perspective of the other, choosing instead to talk louder and louder to try and drown out the other person’s voice.

I should know.  I’ve tried to have many such conversations, and I have very rarely succeeded.  There are a few things that bother me about this, not the least of which is the fact that I really enjoy a good, intelligent political discussion and I find that I can so rarely engage in one.  Most political conversation is completely unproductive and not worth the time.

Which brings me to the most important reason this situation bothers me: the discussion is typically completely unproductive.  See, in my opinion, conversation should have benefits other than just the benefits that come from social contacts in general.  Political conversation… honest, open, political conversation… conversation where both sides are actually willing to consider the possibility that they may be wrong, has the potential to make a real difference in our society and for our country.  Generally in political discussions I find myself up against an opponent who spews biased nonsense with no ability to back up their opinions with facts or even with thoughts of their own.

We are each individually responsible for helping to make this country great by being involved in our political system, and everything we do to be involved… protesting, writing our representatives, even just showing up at the polls and voting intelligently… it all makes a difference.  We all must work together to make a difference and to find a compromise that will work for the country as a whole.  If only we could make that happen.

So, what is it that is getting in the way of productive political discussion among individual citizens?

I’m sure there are a number of factors, but I think I have pinpointed a big one. While resolving it probably won’t entirely solve the problem, it could be a good starting point if we could get enough people to understand it and put it into action.

We all have to stop trusting the media and learn to do our own research.  I don’t care what your favorite news source is, it’s not entirely neutral.  Everyone has a bias, the only difference is the extent of that bias or how extreme the views of that source are.  The bias, as much as we’d like for it not to be, is ALWAYS THERE.  And I am not saying you have to completely shun your favorite news source, they all provide some useful information and perspectives in this seemingly never ending search for the facts.

I’m saying that you should be reading ALL of the sources.  Not all at once, of course.  Not even all of the content on all of the sources.  Who has the time for that? Personally I read CNN, BBC, Fox News, Huffington Post, New York Times, Washington Post, and my local news website.  And I watch… Jon Stewart!  But there’s also ABC, MSNBC, and any number of other websites you can check out.

No matter what sources you choose, I truly believe that when coming to conclusions regarding political issues, you should be looking to see what the various sources say, and you should be comparing what those sources say to the actual facts of the issue at hand.

I know… I know… sounds crazy.

But since, as I noted above, so many people just don’t know where to start.  I have put together what I hope is a simple to follow, common sense guide to researching political issues and articles.  Read it.  Comment on it.  Help me improve it or expand it.

Looking forward to discussing politics with you!!

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Just don’t know what to say…

I know that it’s oddly ironic that I haven’t blogged since I wrote the blog about whether or not I should continue blogging…

Fact is, I just don’t know what to say right now.

Sometimes I feel like I have too much to say and I’m able to put it all into words.  Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to say.  And sometimes, like right now, I have so much to say that I just don’t know where to start.

A lot has happened since I last posted.

  • My 17th anniversary passed right on by.
  • The child we have been visiting with was officially placed with us… meaning: our new daughter moved in.
  • I had a major project at work partially approved…
  • The Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as “ObamaCare”.
  • I skipped a party last weekend that I had already agreed to attend, and I now feel horribly guilty about it.
  • I was confronted with just one more obstacle in my attempts to become a Guardian ad Litem.
  • Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise…  I generally don’t care about celebrity relationships, but this one involves Scientology!!
  • We bought a new freezer.

I just don’t know what to say about all that.  I have a lot to say, but at the same time I just don’t know what to say.  It’s a lot, and yet…  it’s rather insignificant.  In the grand scheme of things, at least.

Maybe I’ll start picking my way through that list and I’ll write about each one…  soon.

Just not tonight.

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Guilty Until Proven Innocent

I emailed the Guardian ad Litem program this morning to let them know that I was no longer interested in volunteering with their program.  I was disappointed in a way, but relieved at the same time.

A Guardian ad Litem, in case you didn’t already know, is a volunteer who works with children in foster care.  They are assigned to the child, hopefully from the moment they enter the system, and they are involved with that child through everything.  They aim to be a consistent figure in the child’s life, sticking with them through multiple placements if necessary, and they act as that child’s voice in the court system, always keeping in mind what is best for the child above all else.

But to really understand how I’m feeling at the moment, I need to start a little further back…

I can actually remember wondering about adoption all the way back in elementary school.  I used to say that I would never have my own children because there were so many children already who needed homes.  I always thought that if I ever wanted to be a mom I could just adopt instead.  Helping children is something I have wanted to do even when I was still a child myself.

Three biological children later, I have decided that I still wish to adopt.  So we started the process.  During this process I have learned a lot about how the system works, and I decided that I wanted to get more involved.  What better way to get involved with helping kids than to become a Guardian ad Litem?

So I filled out and submitted the application for the program.  The application asked whether or not I have ever been involved in a DCF investigation.

I’m honest.  I had to answer “Yes”.  And I had to fill out the explanation section.

See, a few years ago there was a misunderstanding. My oldest child wrote a story depicting an abusive situation and shared it with a friend, who then showed it to someone else, and that someone else showed a teacher.

And the investigation begins…

And the investigation was quickly closed showing no indication of any abuse.

The Guardian ad Litem program has this rule that states that if an applicant has been involved in such an investigation then they must do their own investigation into the facts of that case before they can consider approving that application.  They have to have a copy of the closed report, it can only be closed with a status showing there was no indication of abuse.  But, even that isn’t enough…  they also have to have a written statement from the applicant explaining the situation, they have to speak with the investigator who handled the investigation, and they ask if you can provide them with any additional information, documentation, references, etc. that will back up your story.

So this morning I withdrew my application.  I don’t wish to go through that all over again.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this over the past week or so.  I’m not sure I agree with the concept of “Mandatory Reporters.”  Or, at the very least, I think the system needs to be tweaked a bit.

This investigation was the result of a complete and total misunderstanding.  My child wrote a story and showed it to a friend, who showed a friend, who told a teacher.  The teacher is REQUIRED to report ANY suspicion of abuse to DCF.  If a report is submitted, DCF is required to investigate it.  Once we have been investigated, those records stay on file at DCF, with no way (that I can find anyway) to have them sealed, deleted, expunged (whatever word you want to use), and any time I want to do anything that involves working with children I have to defend myself and subject myself to an investigation all over again.

We are not perfect parents.  We make mistakes, just like everyone else does.  However, we have a safe and happy home, free from abuses of all kinds.  And it makes me so angry that four years later, with an approved adoptive home study in my hands showing that the state is willing to trust us to adopt a child from foster care, I am still being asked to defend myself against these false allegations.

If a family is investigated and absolutely no indication is found of abuse, that family should not be forced to reveal that to anyone.  If DCF wants to keep it on file to show that they have, in fact, been called to that house in the past, fine.  But other agencies should not have access to that data, and I should not be required to mention it.

I understand the need to protect the children, but we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty in this country.  Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that if someone is falsely accused of a crime that doesn’t have to do with children they are NOT required to tell anyone and continually defend themselves against those allegations.

So, why do I have to?

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Should volunteering really be this difficult?

I went back and edited my original post regarding the inefficiencies of government, where I included a bullet point list of the things I have been struggling to accomplish lately, and I combined two of my goals.  Helping out local crime watch and volunteering at the sheriff’s office are close enough to be considered one, I think.  They both have to do with my desire to give back to my community as well as put a stop to crime.

We have, unfortunately, had a number of run-ins with local criminals.

Two years ago our house was broken into, while my children were at home, and my laptop and external hard drive were stolen off of my dining room table.  My daughter happened to walk out of her bedroom and find the thief half in/half out our back door.  She actually spoke to him; he claimed to be looking for a friend.  She later identified him for the police, and he is currently serving time for a string of break-ins in our town.  And, yes, I got my stuff back.

Back in September, my bicycle was stolen right out of my driveway.  This wasn’t just any bike.  I purchased that bike instead of a car.  It was my primary form of transportation.  I rode it to work, I rode it to the grocery store, I rode it for exercise, and I rode on the bike trail with friends for fun and as a social outlet.  I put a couple hundred miles on that bike per month, and for that reason I actually spent quite a bit of money on it; I wanted, and needed, a nice, comfortable, easy to ride bike. I never did get that one back, and have only recently accepted that I never will.

In addition, we have noticed certain things have come up missing from our garage (which we used to be in the habit of leaving open for brief periods of time in the past… though that does NOT happen anymore), like the grill set that my sister had given to us for Christmas a couple years back.  It had never been used, and was just sitting in the garage near the grill waiting for summertime…  *Poof*… Gone.

One day, in the middle of the night, a car drove up onto our lawn, the driver jumped out and ran between the houses to disappear into the *woods* behind our house (the woods being maybe 100 feet of trees and a retention pond).  The windshield of the car was cracked.  No, not just cracked, seriously broken.  We called the police and we were informed that someone had run down a motorcyclist right around the corner.  The windshield of the car was broken where the motorcyclist had hit it.  The driver of the car had taken off, and apparently thought our front yard was a good place to dump the vehicle (which was, obviously, stolen).

I started to get mad.  I considered moving.  Then one day I realized that you can’t run away from crime.  Unless you live in a really dangerous neighborhood, which we don’t.  The criminal activity we were noticing was the sort of criminal activity you find anywhere and everywhere.  If you try and run from it you will ALWAYS be running.

So instead of running I decided to fight back.  I thought that maybe if I become closely involved in local law enforcement, got to know the local sheriff’s deputies, became more familiar with the area, and with what to watch out for, that I would be less likely to be a victim.  I researched what it would take to start my own neighborhood watch program, and how to build an effective one.  I searched out crime watch groups already established in the area.  I signed up for, and completed, the “Citizen’s Academy”, a program our local Sheriff’s office offers to give citizens an inside look into how the local police operate.  I filled out a volunteer application for the Sheriff’s office, and I also found a local crime patrol that was in need of volunteers and I filled out an application to work with them as well.

Turns out the crime patrol and the sheriff’s office require you get fingerprinted and background checks must be completed before you can work with them.  In addition, the Sheriff’s office has a volunteer orientation that you have to attend.

These aren’t really unreasonable requirements.  Until you find out that they only do fingerprinting during regular Mon-Fri business hours, and they only offer the orientation from 1pm – 4pm.

I have a job.  I work during those hours.

So I asked, “Can’t I get fingerprinted at the police station near my work?  Then I could go at lunch.”

Nope… you have to come here, and it has to be during those hours.  😦

We have an approved adoptive home study!  We’ve been approved to adopt a child from foster care!  Can you just trust their background checks?!?

No! You have to come here, and it has to be during those hours!

I can’t, and won’t, take time off of work to attend orientation or get fingerprinted so that I can volunteer.  I am already taking time off of work and altering my schedule on occasion for the adoption.  My employer is absolutely understanding when I have to take time off for meetings with social workers, but a person’s employer can only be expected to be understanding for so much…  My job has to take priority.

I noticed on the Sheriff’s office volunteer application, where they ask you what areas you would be interested in volunteering for, fingerprinting was one of the options.

I hereby volunteer to assist with fingerprinting and coordinate volunteer orientation sessions in the evenings, after 6pm.  When I, and the rest of the working world, can make it to the office to get it done.

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Immunization records can get you a social security card?!?

Are immunization records all you need to request a new social security card??  Maybe…  but not always.

If you haven’t read my previous post, “The Quest for Social Security Cards“, you should start there.

Having determined that birth certificates are NOT accepted as identification at the social security office, I set off to obtain one of the documents they claimed would be sufficient…

The Immunization Records.

I admit, these were super easy to get.  I just called the school, they have those records, and the lady I spoke to was more than happy to pull those records, put them in an envelope, and send them home with one of my children.

That was easy!!

So we head back to the social security office.  Trip #2.  My husband went this time (and every time after).  He showed up at the counter with the birth certificates (just in case) and the immunization records.  Plus the applications and his own ID, of course.

He was actually able to order the Social Security card for ONE of our children.  The one who is not adopted.  PARTIAL SUCCESS!!

However, for the child who he adopted, the birth certificate (which shows her current full name and lists him as the father) and the immunization records (which also use her current full name) are NOT good enough.  Because she has changed her name, we are going to need the adoption decree showing the legal name change.

I go back to our records, search our files, and find that somehow this document is missing as well.  I have all of the court documents, letters, new birth certificate, etc…  just that actual adoption decree showing the name change was missing.  It must have run off with that one social security card that was missing as well.

What to do now?

I called the county clerk in the county where the adoption was finalized.  “Please send me the adoption decree??  Please?  Pretty please?!?”

County Clerk: “No!!  All adoption records in this state are SEALED!!  You must write to the chief judge, explain your situation, and ask him nicely to release those records to you!”

Me: “But…  she’s my biological child…  she’s still in my custody…  I didn’t adopt her, I didn’t give her up for adoption, she is still, to this day, my dependent…  can’t I just have those records???”

County Clerk: “No!!!  You have to ask the judge nicely!”


So, I wrote a nice, polite, professional letter to the chief judge requesting the release of those records.  I included a self-addressed stamped envelope, as requested, to make things as easy and convenient as possible for the clerks office.

I was annoyed when the records arrived and I found that they had NOT used my envelope.

But at least I had the records…  Off to the Social Security Office again!!

Lesson Learned: Hold onto ALL potentially important documents and keep everything up to date!!  I already knew this, and it really was just the two documents that somehow came up missing, but I’m extra super careful now!  I don’t know about you, but I sometimes get overwhelmed trying to keep track of all this stuff…  Do you have a system for organizing all of this information?

(To be continued…)

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The Quest for Social Security Cards

It was just about a year ago… there I sat, in my car outside the social security office at 8:30 in the morning, with my children’s birth certificates in hand.  I was determined to be one of the first people in the door, get my kids social security cards ordered and get on with my day.

When it came time to get their drivers permits, I never imagined it would be quite this difficult.  In fact, almost a year later we still have not managed to obtain these elusive pieces of paper.

I’ll explain…

I have a file where I keep all of our birth certificates, social security cards, you know, all those vitally important documents that you never want to lose.  But when I went digging through that folder to pull out the two social security cards I needed, I found that one of them was missing.  I have no idea how that one card managed to get separated from the others, but the rest were there…  it was just the one that was missing.

Also, I noticed that the last name was wrong on the other one.  I had my oldest child when I was still a teenager myself, I hadn’t met my husband yet.  I got married when my daughter was a year old, and seven years later my husband adopted her.  At which point we changed her last name…  and I forgot to get her name changed on her social security card.  Meaning we would have to get that done now because the DMV won’t accept a social security card with a different name on it.

No problem, though!  I’m going there anyway, so I’ll get them both ordered at once and we’ll be all set, right?

The social security office opened, I was third in line, I grabbed the application form and filled them out while I waited so that I would be ready when they called me…  thinking “look at me being all organized!”

They called my number, I approached the counter, and I told the lady what I needed done.  I handed over the applications and my driver’s license for ID.  At this point she asked me what I had brought with me as proof of identification for the children.

I proudly handed her the birth certificates.

At which point I was given the most baffling piece of information ever…

The social security office does NOT accept a birth certificate as proof of identity for a child!!!

I honestly stood there stunned for a few moments.  I was speechless.  Before a child is old enough to get their driver’s license, what other sort of identification do they have??  I finally came to my senses and asked her what exactly do they accept??

Immunization records…

Last I checked the doctors offices do not require any sort of proof of identification when you bring your child in for shots.  Were I to pay cash for medical costs, or go to the health department if I had no insurance and couldn’t afford to pay for a regular doctor…  they would look at my ID and take my word for it.  Right?  OR, the health department might ask for a…  um…  birth certificate.

Another option for the social security office… they will accept… A passport.

Guess what you need to show in order to get a passport for your child??

Yep!  That’s right!!!  A BIRTH CERTIFICATE!!!!!

Can someone please explain to me how it makes ANY SENSE that the social security office will accept immunization records or a passport as identification but NOT a birth certificate, an official, government issued and stamped document??

Continued –>

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The Start of a Conversation

I’d like to have a conversation about the inefficiencies of government.

HUGE topic…  I know… but bear with me, please.

I have a feeling this will turn into a series of posts, but let me just start with the basics.

I think that the first sign of a real problem, for me at least, was when I tried to get my drivers license renewed in October 2010.  I know things had been sort of stewing for a while, but this was my first real throw-my-hands-up-in-the-air “ARE YOU INSANE?!?” moment.

I showed up at the DMV with my current drivers license, issued by the state of Florida (where I live), my social security card, and a couple pieces of mail to show proof of residency…  you know, the normal required documentation that we’re all used to.  Not good enough…  I also needed an official stamped birth certificate and my marriage certificate.

I stood there holding an ID card ISSUED BY THAT AGENCY and they’re telling me that’s not good enough.

Insane?  I think so…

Moving ahead til now.  I am currently trying to accomplish a few different goals, goals which really shouldn’t be nearly as difficult as they are turning out to be.  I’m sure I will be detailing those out for you in later posts, but let me just give you the bullet points for the time being.  🙂

(Well known fact about me: I care about kids & crime)

So…  over the next few posts I’d like to discuss a few things, and I would love some input on these issues if anyone is actually reading this and paying attention.

A general idea of what is bothering me??

  • Lack of communication between government agencies.
  • Over-regulation: Is there a benefit?
  • Diminishing rights, loss of privacy, in this country.
  • Common sense (what’s that?!?) solutions to problems.

That’s a start anyway.

More to come…

Much more…

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