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Obama, you should have known better…

I just got done watching the speech that Obama gave tonight regarding the attack in San Bernardino, CA.  And I have one thing to say to him…

Why, oh why, would you bring up gun control??

Most of the speech made sense!  Stronger screening of people coming into this country on visa’s, determining if they have been to war zones…  authorizing the continued use of force against ISIL targets…  continuing our current efforts against the threat…  the need to be “strong, smart, resilient, and relentless” in this fight…

But, gun control??

No one on a no-fly list should be able to buy a gun?  

Yes, common sense, but irrelevant!

The individuals responsible for this attack, as far as I am aware, were not on any no-fly list.  Were they on a no-fly list???  They were not suspected of being terrorists!  They were your average, under-the-radar, American Muslims who happened to be radicals!

It must be harder for people to buy semi-automatic weapons?

Without even going into my personal opinions on gun control….  THE TERRORISTS DIDN’T BUY THE WEAPONS THEMSELVES!  The news reports so far have stated that someone bought the weapons for them, in a state that has strict gun control laws, and then they modified those weapons to turn them into fully automatic weapons!  How does this statement help, if they didn’t buy the weapons??  How does this statement help if they had to means to turn “appropriate” weapons into something far more deadly??

I feel as though a lot of what he said made sense…  Unfortunately…  it will be overshadowed by these two irrelevant statements.  They comprised only a minute or so of the speech, but they will be latched onto.  Already I am seeing news articles focused on Obama’s gun control statements…

OH NO!  He’s gonna take our guns!!!!

He should have known better than to even bring that up, considering how insignificant it is to this most recent scenario.

Shame on you, Obama.

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